I’m finally back from the fair, and the Comiccon project is going on full speed.

Currently I have in mind, 8 stories specially created for NY ComicCon. They’re all going to be 10 pages long and about DPC Int.

Right now, 2 artists are drawing 2 of my stories ( There were 3 but I haven’t heard from one for months so I’ll assume he left the project) I have finished 3 additional scripts, and hope to finish the remaining 3 in March.

Below you will find one of my artists , Patrick’s , a page from his own comic book “Mummy”.

If you are wondering more about my project please read the FAQ and if you want to join the project please contact me.


I’ll be in the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart untill the end of February and I am nervous as fuck. I really hope it will pass smoothly without any incident, but somehow I doubt it. As I am generally an unlucky guy, all the things that should go smoothly goes good, and even a few things I believe there will be problematic turns out quite well, but a stupid problem thta you would never even think about it suddenly happens and ruins your day.

Anyway I’m keeping my spirits up and hope nothing happens…

See ya next week, and this time I promise I will post some art work from my artists….


I can’t believe I will be going to Germany next week. All the fair preparations, stand designs, graphic tables etc… I hope it won’t be bad…

On the other side, its my first time in Stuttgart so I guess everything will turn out well…

We’ll see….

Back after a long while

Hello guys…

Sorry for not writing a long time.

I could blame it on working long hours and being sick, but to be honest I was too busy with my comics…

Currently 5 scenarios are finished, 2 are being illustrated by talented artists and I will be going on a second recruitment drive soon

In a few days I will start posting the old-and -new illustrations on my web page…

See ya…


2 days ago I asked people for help to draw my stories and I received quite a few interested peoples messages. It was quite refreshing.

Right now, it has been raining here for nonstop 5 days in a row.I really am getting a bit tired, but I keep my hopes up as tomorrow is said to be a sunny day.

I really wish the weather was as clear as in this scene



A few days ago, while returning back from my work I just dozed off on the bus. Before sleeping I was just checking the old issues of “shadowpact” so seeing a spider-angel in my dream shouldnt be so surprising. The interesting was the angel put one of her hands on my shoulder and encouraged me to continue with my comic book career. Well, I didnt need her support for that but it was definitely very inspiring.

Funny how dreams can affect you sometimes.


Things are really changing in my life. Only a few days ago I was planning what I should do at weekends, and friday the boss called me and told me that from now on I would be staying in Russia Moscow a week every month ( at least for the start)  That was quite a shock for me and my wife. Honestly I wouldn’t be so frustrated if it were any other city rather than Moscow, because I’ve been there 3 times , and all were complete disappointments… Plus its very expensive…

Anyway, if we go back to DPC , I am planning about adding some supernatural elements into a few stories. I wrote a short story for a contest a few years ago about angels, and I’m planning about modifying it and adding it to my scripts. In the script Azrel ( or the Grim Reaper) plays a major part. I was actually planning about using a Michealangelo style classic angel, but in the theatre I went a few months ago, this role was played by a girl, which looked awesome. So I drew her as Azrael and I think she fits in just fine.



After 5 days of not doing anything, it killed me going back to work today !!!

But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… Saw my co-workers and had a little chat. My biggest problem is nobody knows anything about comics, and I’m just trying to do something by myself. But I guess that is the hard road you have to go before achieving anything….

Tomorrow I’ll post a few drawings about DPC…


Flaneur Publishing, the comic book publishing company that I part-time work, has published a new comic. It’s a French graphic novel , “Le Sursis” Vol1-2 by the genius Gibrat

His drawings are amazing and so realistic

The main heroine is called Cecile. I’ve also learned that her sister is called Joanne, and she also has her own comic book.

I hope he will print that one also….I think I’m in love :)